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  • St. Brendan on the Lake
    Newfane, Olcott, Wilson, NY
    • St. Bridget

      3455 Ewings Road

      Newfane, NY 14108

    • St. Charles Borromeo

      5972 E. Main Street

      Olcott, NY 14126

    • Our Lady of the Rosary

      345 Lake Street

      Wilson, NY 14172

  • Mass Times

    • Saturday Vigil Mass

      3:30pm- Confession in Wilson 

      4:00pm-Wilson Site

      5:30pm-Newfane Site

    • Sunday Holy Mass

      8:30am- Newfane Site

      9:45am-Olcott Site

      (Memorial Day to Labor Day)

      11:00am-Wilson Site

    • Daily Mass

      Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

      8:30am-Wilson Site


      Tuesday, Thursday:

      8:30am-Newfane Site

    • Upcoming Events

    • Events


      Liturgical Life & Parish News


      Saturday, January 22nd-  3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Vigil

      4:00pm Wilson - Joseph Kovach req. Janice Schroeder

      5:30pm Newfane - Connie Gresock req. Mickie Kramp

      Sunday, January 23rd-  3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

      8:30am Newfane - Denise Wagner req. Krencik Family

      9:30am  Faith Formation Classes 

      11:00am Wilson - St. Brendan Mother's Day Intention

      Monday, January 24th - St. Francis de Sales

      8:30am Wilson - St. Brendan All Souls Remembrance

       4:00 - 7:00pm Newfane - Eucharistic Adoration 

      Tuesday, January 25th - Conversion of St. Paul, Apostle

      8:30am Newfane - Denise Noble req. Clare Oakes

      Wednesday, January 26th - Sts. Timothy and Titus

      8:30am Wilson - Communion Service

      Thursday, January 27th - St. Angela Merici

      8:30am Newfane - Communion Service

      Friday, January 28th - St. Thomas Aquinas

      8:30am Wilson - Deceased of Bittner & Jasinski Family req. Theresa

      Saturday, January 29th-  4th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Vigil

      4:00pm Wilson - Joseph Bittner req. Dick & Julie Jasinski

      5:30pm Newfane - Dan & Betty Hogan req. Joe & Theresa Bittner

      Sunday, January 30th-  4th Sunday of Ordinary Time

      8:30am Newfane - David Rutkowski req. Family

      9:30am  Faith Formation Classes 

      11:00am Wilson - Parishioners of St. Brendan req. Fr. Andrew

      Everyone who is healthy is invited to our churches. Daily Masses at 8:30am. 


      Mass Intentions - Remember our faithfully departed parishioners need prayers, please call the office to offer a mass for them. 


      Important information! Please keep St. Brendan in your prayers. Thank you for your financial support.  I ask every parishioner and those who left the church in the past to come back and to pray and support our churches. We can become even stronger keeping all 3 churches for the future only if all people will be engaged especially younger people.

      Daily Masses -  8:30 AM - 10 minutes before Mass we will be praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

      Eucharistic Adoration - Every Monday from 4-7pm @ Newfane Church (enter Main Door)

      St. Brendan is asking that you continue to donate to our church, you may do this by mailing your donations to St. Brendan on the Lake, P.O. Box 87, Newfane, NY 14108.  OR you can give ONLINE.  Please see below for more information. Thank you for your generous support.  It is greatly appreciated.

    • Live Stream & Videos of our Mass

      St. Brendan is now Live Streaming the Saturday Vigil at 5:30pm. Please note that during the summer months, there may a few times when we will stream a Sunday morning mass instead of the vigil. You may visit the Facebook page to watch the Live stream Live at 5:30pm.

      Other opportunities to watch: St. Brendan on the Lake Facebook page by clicking here. Or visit our YouTube channel by clicking here

      St. Brendan is asking that you continue to donate to our church, you may do this by mailing your donations to St. Brendan on the Lake, P.O. Box 87, Newfane, NY 14108. OR you can give ONLINE. Thank you for your generous support.  It is greatly appreciated. The icon to donate online is located on the sidebar.

    • Road to Renewal

    • ‘Road to Renewal’ - appeared in Union-Sun & Journal Friday December 31, 2021

      Catholic Diocese works on healing in Lockport


      The Buffalo Catholic Diocese will be paying closer attention to the greater Lockport area in the coming year. Four churches are part of the pilot phase of a “Road to Renewal” plan.

      The strategy reorganizes churches under the jurisdiction of the Diocese into “families.” A family, in this instance, is a grouping of churches that work closely to achieve fiscal efficiencies.

      This plan comes in the wake of the Buffalo Diocese filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February of this year. The bankruptcy was brought on by over 900 lawsuits against the Diocese over alleged sexual misconduct with minors.

      Statistics in Diocese literature indicate that the number of priests in the region able to provide parish leadership and the Sacraments has been in decline for over a decade. If nothing changes. by 2030 there will be approximately 100 Diocesan priests to oversee 161 parishes.

      Four parishes in the area will be a part of Family No. 10, a pilot for the program. Included are St. John the Baptist and All Saints in Lockport, Immaculate Conception in Ransomville, and St. Brendan on the Lake in Newfane.

      In a Zoom meeting on Dec. 13, the Diocese informed the priests of Family 10 that Father Andrew Lauricella of St. Brendan will act as the Family’s transitional leader. Lauricella is pleased with what the Road to Renewal is proposing and optimistic it will address logistical shortcomings.

      “I see parishes might not have a lot of youth in their parish on an individual level” said Lauricella, “but if all the parishes in a given neighborhood 

      could collaborate to share a youth ministry program together, share the expenditures together, and also share the participation of the youth, it could be a much more practical effective and vibrant program.”

      The “activation phase,” which is the first phase of the “Road to Renewal” will begin on Jan. 17. During this period, priests who are a part of the same family will have weekly meetings to keep each other informed on the status of their churches. The process of becoming a family will be made official on Jul. 17, when the “inauguration phase” begins.

      One particular aspect that Lauricella likes about this plan is that there is no concrete framework for how the families can operate, thus offering flexibility to their management.

      “One thing that the diocese tells us that we will not have is one standard cookie-cutter criteria for each family” Lauricella said. “It’s going to be up to each family to decide among themselves what kind of ministerial collaborative plan would be best.”

      Lauricella, as well as Rev. Daniel Ogbeifun of All Saints Parish, said their parishioners have been receptive to the plan.

      “Almost a majority of our parishioners seem to be happy about it,” said Ogbeifun. “It may not be easy, but it’s something that can help the growth of the church, not just here, but in the Buffalo Diocese.”

      While this is a new and different approach to how the Diocese is planning on managing parishes, they have been taking notes on how a similar program operated in London, Ontario. St. Brendan on the Lake is also familiar with similar procedures, as it previously merged youth ministry with Immaculate Conception.

      According to the Diocese the plan does not involve churches pooling their finances, or mergers like the one that led to the creation of St Brendan on the Lake in 2008. Parishes will still independently control their finances, and will retain their own trustees.

      Though this change would be bringing parishes into unknown territory, Lauricella looks to his church’s own patron saint for guidance; Saint Brendan the Navigator.

      “One of the tasks of navigators is to navigate through the uncharted waters,” said Lauricella, “and I think that it brings the people here consolation knowing that we’re going through uncharted territory, but we have a patron saint guiding us through it.”

    • Community News