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Adult Funeral Altar Servers Adult Funeral Altar Servers

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Adult Funeral Altar Servers

Posted on Tue, Mar 8, 2011



Take the pall from the sixth drawer of the vesting case in the sacristy and place it over the back of the third pew from the doors. Place the holy water and sprinkler in the same pew.

Place the Paschal candle in the middle of the main aisle. Use as a reference the two front doors to position the candle.

Fill the cruet of water, the towel, bowl, chalice, purificator and sacramentary on the credence table outside the sacristy door.

 Make should candles are lit, the Paschal candle and the two processional candle which are to be brought into the sacristy. Turn on lights on the Blessed Sacrament Altar, the font and the main altar.

Place the tabernacle key from the sacristy at the tabernacle. Make sure all the lights marked with a red dot are on in the sanctuary and in the church. Fans on if necessary. 

 Light the charcoal for the incense as close to the time of the beginning of the funeral liturgy. Place the thurifer and incense on the credence table. 

 If the family is presenting the gifts for offertory, the bread and wine are to be place on the offertory table. If not they are to be placed on the credence table. 



Funeral Liturgy 


As soon as the funeral procession moves into the church, press the play on the CD player for toller, proceed from the doorway of the sacristy at a slow pace to the center of the altar on the lower level and bow as the celebrant genuflects. Turn and proceed down the main aisle. Stop four pews from the pall. Cross bearer should move to one side to allow the presider to pass and perform the Rite of Reception. Be prepared to pass the holy water to the celebrant.

 At the conclusion of the reception of the body, turn and proceed back to the altar. After bowing once more, the cross bearer places the crucifix into its holder and the candle bearers place their candles on the stands in front of the ambo.

 Candle servers are seated next to the presider and cross bearer is seated by the tabernacle. One of the candle servers holds the presider’s book for the opening prayer. After the prayer, the book is left with the presider.

 At offertory the two candle servers with the presider go to the center of the sanctuary, bow to the altar turn towards the congregation move the candles to the front of the altar. The cross bearer places the sacramentary on the altar on the upper left side of the corporal. Both the bread and wine are place on the altar. Then the chalice and water are brought to the altar. Place the chalice on the altar and hand the water to the presider.

 The cross bearer brings the incensor and the boat of incense to the presider. The server waits while the presider incenses the altar and casket and returns the incensor to the server. The other two servers wait with the bowl and water to wash the presider’s hands.

At communion all three servers receive communion following the presider. If any members are Eucharistic Ministers at less one will assist with distribution. The other servers will clear the altar of chalice and sacramentary to the credence table and the presider’s book to the servers bench.

 Upon hearing: Let us pray. The server with the book approaches the presider for the closing prayer, following the prayer give the book to the presider. If they is going to be a eulogy, it will be given here after the closing prayer. After this the servers begin to prepare for the Rite of Farewell.

 The cross bearer walks with the cross to the foot of the casket, at the third pew and facing the presider. The candle two servers retrieve their candles and assemble by the cross bearer. After the concluding rite, the presider approaches the casket and stands directly in front of the servers. The server on the sacristy side goes to the sacristy to push the “play Button on the CD player to begin the toller, then returns to the recessional position. After the casket is turned, the pall bearers arranged, the presider turns and the servers turn and begin the recessional procession. The servers go to the vestibule and return through the side door and aisle to the sacristy.



Final Procedures 


 After the congregation has completely departed, the paschal candle is blown out and carefully repositioned to it original place behind the baptismal font. The pall is returned to the sacristy. The candles are extinguished and the charcoal is disposed of outdoors properly. The credence table is cleared and all items are brought to the sacristy. Turn off all lights and make sure windows are closed and the fans are off.